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Uzbekistan Airports

Because of low investment and poor maintenance, Uzbekistan's overland transportation infrastructure has declined significantly in the post-Soviet era.
Air transport is the only branch that has received substantial government investment in the early 2000s, as airport modernization projects have been undertaken.

International Airport Tashkent

International Airport Samarkand

Airport Bukhara

International Airport Urgench Airport Namangan

Fergana Airport

Airport Andijan

Airport Karshi Airport Navoi

Airport Nukus

Airport Termez

Uzbekistan Airports List: Andizhan Airport, Bukhara Airport, Fergana Airport, Karshi Airport, Karshi Khanabad Air Base, Namangan Airport, Navoiy Airport, Nukus Airport, Samarkand Airport, Tashkent International Airport, Termez Airport, Urgench Airport, Zarafshan Airport.

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