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Car RentalThere are a number of Uzbekistan car rental companies who provide both luxurious and cheap cars for business tours and family trips.
Car Rental Nexia GrayTourists visiting Uzbekistan hire cars from different car rental companies. The country is getting more and more popular each day as a tourist spot and the tourists prefer to hire a car that helps them to avoid the hassles of a public transport vehicle and enjoy a comfortable trip.

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Car Rental Nexia RedRenting cars in Uzbekistan is an easy job and it can be done in two ways. The tourists can either book a car online or they can hire it from the different car rental companies in Uzbekistan.
They can hire a small family car, a limousine or even a big luxury bus for business trips.
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The Uzbekistan car rental companies provide a number of facilities like, air conditioning, central lock system, CD players, mobile computer, mobile phone with local network and many others. The stuffs are well trained and the system of payment is very flexible.
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They tourists can pay in check or through credit cards. The standard rate of hiring a car in Uzbekistan varies between $75 and $85. This rate is inclusive of all local taxes and it is available for a journey of 400 kilometers per day.
These companies are highly professional and are well known for their quick and efficient service.
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In 2005 Uzbekistan had 84,400 kilometers of roads, about 72,000 kilometers of which were paved.
The road infrastructure is deteriorating, particularly outside of Tashkent. U.S. engineers improved some roads around the port of Termez to facilitate movement of humanitarian supplies to Afghanistan.
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Uzbekistan is a member country of the United Nations’ Asian Highway Network, and several national roads are designated as part of the network.
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