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Hotel Intercontinental Tashkent
Uzbekistan hotels can be divided into some categories. At the top of the heap are new hotels, typically built with foreign capital.
The second tiers are former International Tourist Hotels, into which all foreigners were steered in Soviet times.

These can be considered to be moderately priced by international standards.
The next level are the former Sputnik Hotels which, in the soviet era, were intended for soviet citizens. The fourth category, and a very promising one for both Uzbekistan and the budget traveler, is the bed and breakfasts that are popping up in the major tourist cities.
Hotel Khiva
They offer lodging (and breakfast) for $20 to $30 or so per person, per night. Any great vacation begins with a great hotel deal. Are you looking for kid-friendly options, or do you have a romantic weekend in mind? Whether you’re searching for luxury hotels in Tashkent or budget-friendly bargain hotels in Samarkand, you still want the best hotel rates possible. Be sure helps you find hotel room in Uzbekistan which best fit your requirements.

About hotels in the cities of Uzbekistan

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