Visa to Uzbekistan



Visa to Uzbekistan PassportsIn order to enter Uzbekistan every visitor from every country (except for some CIS- Commonwealth of Independent States countries) must have a valid visa issued by an Uzbekistan Embassy or General Consulate abroad.

Visa to Uzbekistan USA PassportNationals of the countries where Uzbekistan is not represented by any of its Diplomatic or Consulate Missions can apply for Uzbek visa at the nearest Uzbekistan Embassy or General Consulate.
Similarly, for their convenience, the nationals of the countries in which Uzbekistan diplomatic representations are available can still obtain Uzbek visa at the Uzbekistan Embassy or General Consulate located in the country other than the country of their citizenship.
Visa to Uzbekistan Russian PassportTourist visas can be obtained only upon presenting an Invitation Letter, which Tour Agencies issues after receiving approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Visas can only be obtained after an invitation received from a sponsor in Uzbekistan. Normally the sponsor is a tour operating agency or a hotel. To extend an invitation the sponsor must first obtain permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan. Once the permission is granted it is then sent to the Uzbekistan Consulate overseas where the visa is then issued.
Visa to Uzbekistan Passport StampsThe complete procedure can take a minimum of three weeks. Nationals of USA, Japan and most European Union countries do not require an invitation and may apply for a tourist visa directly at the Uzbekistan Consulate in their countries.
The following information is required from each passenger before an application for tourist visa is accepted:
Visa to Uzbekistan Passport Uzbekistan– Name. Last name underlined or in capital letters.
– Nationality.
– Date of birth.
– Sex.
– Passport number, issue date & validity.
– Occupation and place of work (name of organization).

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