Airbus A310-324Uzbek Airways is the key carrier used by travelers to arrive in Uzbekistan. It is known for the good quality of service and flight safety. Also, a number of foreign airlines is present in the market.

Tashkent is the nodal point for rail services from Central Asia. Lines lead west to Ashgabat (Turkmenistan), south to Samarkand and on to Dushanbe (Tajikistan), east to Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) and Almaty (Kazakhstan) and north to Moscow (Russian Federation).
Locomotive Express Train Ragistan
From Tashkent, along the Saratov-Syr Darya Line, the journey to Moscow takes nearly three days.
There is also a spur line to the Fergana Valley in the east of the country, which leads to Osh in Kyrgyzstan. It is possible to connect to China through Almaty; and to Iran and the Middle East (via Turkmenistan).
Foreigners have to pay for rail tickets in hard currency, preferably US Dollars, but it is still a cheap option by Western standards.
Uzbekistan has road connections to all its neighbors. The border between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan is closed to all except Uzbek and Afghan nationals.
Travelers should exercise caution around the Kyrgyz–Uzbek border as some violent incidents have occurred. It is not advisable to bring your own car. Contact your local embassy for details.
Bus LuggageThere are Bus services to all the neighboring countries, although the occasional border closures between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan make this route unreliable.
Long-distance buses leave from the Tashkent bus station near the metro station. Foreigners have to pay for tickets in hard currency.
Car Rental NexiaIn general, people use vehicles when traveling inside the country. Nevertheless, Uzbek Airlines run domestic flights too, which are quite precise and efficient.
As far as tourists are concerned, comfortable air-conditioned coaches and mini-buses are used most. Paragliding, rafting and camel riding are options as well.
It is possible to hire cars with drivers for long journeys; they will normally ask to be paid in US Dollars. The best place to look for these is at the long-distance bus and train stations.

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