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Uzbek ChaikhanaHospitality is the essential part of Uzbek culture. People lived on the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road and their lives highly depended on the business they conducted with foreigners that traveled from east to west and back, carrying silk, pottery and other goods. Anyone, irregardless of his or her nationality, is always treated as if he was sent by God.

Uzbek PotteryBesides, Uzbeks are a curious nation who like meeting people and they are always happy to guests of different nationalities.
The idea of Cultural Exploration Tours to Uzbekistan is that the explorer not only documents his discoveries, but tries to learn from the culture by becoming immersed, at least to some degree.
Uzbek Khan Atlas Cocoon Silkworm
A second goal of cultural exploration is the sharing of the new knowledge with the public, often in interesting and entertaining ways.
Take a Cultural Exploration Tours to Uzbekistan to understand what makes the country so interesting and beautiful. The people of Uzbekistan belong to different religions, and faith that guide them in their lives.
Uzbek Music Dance
On a cultural trip to Uzbekistan, you will not only discover the intricacies of each of these cultures individually but will also understand how so many cultures co exist peacefully.
Uzbekistan’s culture is like a rainbow of multiple facets which accommodates music, dance, performing arts, paintings and literature in itself which have gained recognition and fame from every corner of the world.
An extensive cultural trip into the vast land of Uzbekistan is sure to change your taste and sense of culture for the rest of your life while you will be amazed by the cultural diversity of the country.

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