Uzbekistan Historical Tours




Timur ReconstructionUzbekistan has rich history. Between the two rivers Amudarya and Syrdarya, in the area called Maverannahr, human civilizations emerged thousands of years ago. They built huge cities that compared well with Babylon or Rome, and amazed travelers and merchants on the Great Silk Road with their beauty and sophisticated infrastructure.

Alexander the Great
This land has been a scene for atrocious clashes and violent fights between uncountable armies: Cyrus, Darius, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane wanted to realize their ambitions and dominate the world. Between devastating war campaigns local rulers patronized science and arts and prepared a remarkable emergence of prominent scholars, cultural personalities and poets from Central Asia.
Bukhara Emir
They have compiled comprehensive and amazingly precise catalogues of stars and built tremendous palaces with swimming pools on their roofs with water pumped up through lead pipes, at the time when Paris and London were primitive villages.
Since the area is so ancient, there are many amazing historical structures to visit, as well as a variety of museums housing fascinating archeological and anthropological finds. The architecture in particular is of such intensely profound beauty that words fail to adequately describe it.
The spectacular sight of sky-blue domes, intricate white and teal tile ornamentation, and detailed engraving will absolutely take your breath away. Uzbekistan has well preserved relics from the time when Central Asia was a center of empire, education, and trade. Uzbekistan cities including Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz and Tashkent live on in the imagination of the West as symbols of oriental beauty and mystery.

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