Kirk Chaban MazarNukus (Karakalpak: No’kis, formerly Нөкис) is the sixth-largest city in Uzbekistan, and the capital of the autonomous Karakalpakstan Republic. It has a population of 199,000 (1999 census estimate). The Amu Darya river passes west of the town.

Mizdakhan ComplexNukus developed from a small settlement in 1932 into a pleasant, modern Soviet city with broad avenues and big public buildings.
Nukus is host to the Nukus Museum of Art (also known as the State Art Museum of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, named after Igor V. Savitsky) and State Museum.
Berdakh National Museum
The State Museum houses the usual collection of artifacts recovered from archaeological investigations, traditional jewelry, costumes and musical instruments, but more interestingly, displays of the area’s now vanished or endangered flora and fauna, and on the Aral Sea issue.
Nukus Art MuseumThe Art Museum is noted for its collection of modern Russian and Uzbek art from 1918-1935.
Nukus is also home to the Progress Center, Central Asia’s finest English-language institute.

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